Insurance products

Credit insurance

Credit insurance is a product which main aim is to protect the Client against unplanned losses due to non-payment from the part of the contractors.

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Insurance guarantee

Insurance guarantee is the commitment of the Insurer (Guarantor) to pay the beneficiary a specific amount of money, in the case of an event specified in the warranty. Insurance guarantee unlike insurance is usually paid unconditionally and irrevocable and it is not subjected to the additional conditions by the debtor or beneficiary of the guarantee.

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Is insurer smarter than the Customer? Original approach to receivables insurance

In the classical approach to the credit insurance which specialized insurers offer, monitoring insolvency risk is under the control of the insurer. He gives the credit limits on key customers, decide on the amount and the possible changes in the course of the policy and the amicable recovery is performed in the case of non-payment…. View Article

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The question from the Customer: I have a policy – should I close a debt management department?

Several years ago, no one asked this question because receivables management departments were mostly the domain of large international companies. In the MSP sector, elements of the debt management functioned, because decisions concerning contractors were made in majority by an Owner, the payments were made by an Accountant and unscrupulous debtors were handed over to… View Article

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Who is automatic credit insurance policy for?

Credit insurance in Poland is a product that is constantly evolving. Many large and medium-sized enterprises insure receivables for years, or at least use the credit management tools such as credit reports, monitoring and recovery of receivables offered by external specialized companies. Meanwhile, in the current changeable economic reality credit insurance is an important product… View Article

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Is lack of credit limits additional risk for the Insurer?

Insurance policy are in large part based on an assessment of the counterparties portfolio by the insurer. It is also choosing which recipient is and in what time it can be insured for a specific amount of credit limits. Although in most insurance policies there is an automatic insurance without the control of the insurer,… View Article

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